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Gareth Thomas wows the crowd in his 'Dancing On Ice' debut

Robin Johnstone and Gareth Thomas

Out former pro rugby player Gareth Thomas is apparently the new front-runner in the UK's Dancing On Ice show. On this week's installment, Thomas topped the judges' scores with a 22.5 (out of a possible 40), prompting judge Jason Gardiner to share some unexpected surprise by by the muscled athlete's performance (despite giving him a bitchy low score of 4.0). Thomas' partner on the show is Robin Johnstone. His stylist...not sure, but I'm glad they put him in the tightest leather pants and "club kid" tanktop you've ever seen.

Check out the video below. After watching footage from his rehearsal, you won't believe the performance he gives. Though the disparity in the judges' scores seems bizarre. Given his pure strength and his apparent improvement in his skating skills, he could win this whole thing...