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Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried supports civil unions with his two moms - video

Kenneth Faried with his two moms

Kenneth Faried with his two moms

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried has two moms. When he was at Morehead State, it was a big reason to cheer for the 13th seed that knocked off Louisville in the NCAA tournament in 2011 (sorry if you didn't pick that one). The latest from Faried and his two moms (who have been together for 11 years) is a powerful video (see it below) in support of civil unions, which is being considered in the state of Colorado (marriage is not currently on the table in the state).

What makes this video so powerful is the content. Faried is there with his moms, Waudda and Carol, doing what we want every athlete to do: Speak their truth. His moms talk about tough times they've endured together while Faried expresses unequivocal support for equality:

I really do support civil unions because it gives people, gays and lesbians, the right to make decisions on their own, if they want to get married. And let them choose who they want to be with. ... Nobody can ever tell me I can't have two mothers, because I really do.

Faried has started all 44 games this season, averaging almost a double-double this season (12.0 points and 9.8 rebounds per game). And while he might be a year away from a spot in the NBA All-Star game, he's one of the biggest stars in the game in our book.

Hat tip to Denver Stiffs and GLAAD