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Super Bowl: Sports Illustrated shows photo of 49ers fans kissing in gay bar

Part of the photo from Sports Illustrated

The current issue of Sports Illustrated, the one previewing the Super Bowl, has something I never thought I would see in a mainstream sports magazine -- two male fans kissing. Not the peck on the cheek you might see from a European soccer player or a drunk LSU fan, but two fans wearing San Francisco 49ers gear in a passionate lip-lock celebrating the team winning the NFC Championship.

The photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice was taken at Hi Tops, a San Francisco gay sports bar, and accompanies an essay by Bay Area resident and SI writer Chris Ballard on the diversity of the 49er fan base:

"We'll crowd the railing at Hi Tops, the city's first official gay sports bar, where patrons sport supertight T-shirts, drink Big Unit cocktails and roar 'Kill him! Kill him!' whenever Aldon Smith gets near the opposing QB ...

If the Niners win it all ... some of us -- a number of whom might be gay, or vegan, or gay and vegan -- might even ride on top of a cable car.

The essay and photo are on Page 48 of the magazine. It looks like Hi Tops has a pretty hot and happening scene, and this Sunday I imagine it will be crazy there.