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Vancouver Canucks welcome transgender goalie Cory Oskam onto the ice

Oskam took the ice with his favorite player, Cory Schneider

Vancouver Canucks goalie Cory Schneider (left) and Cory Oskam
Vancouver Canucks goalie Cory Schneider (left) and Cory Oskam
Vancouver Canucks

It was only symbolic (i.e., Oskam didn't play), but WOW what a powerful symbol! Last week the Vancouver Canucks invited Cory Oskam, a transgender goalie from Britannia Hockey Academy, to share the ice with goalie Cory Schneider. Their same first name isn't a coincidence; Oskam chose the name because of his favorite hockey player -- Schneider.

From a report by the Canucks:

Taking hormone blockers essentially put the hold button on puberty giving Anneke time to decide what made her happy. After some soul searching, she began taking testosterone roughly a year-and-a-half ago to begin the transition to become male.

Cory hasn’t had any surgeries; he may consider that later on. For right now, he’s happy finally being comfortable in his own skin.

"I went into high school not who I am, but being in grade 10 now I feel very much like part of the high school," said Cory. "I felt like an outsider, now I have a great support system and a great group of friends, which I’ve never had before. Life is great."

The Canucks have been possibly the most LGBT-friendly team in the Big 4 sports leagues. They previously marched in Vancouver's pride parade and lit Rogers Arena purple for Spirit Day. Pretty incredible support of the community by a professional sports team!

Hat tip to Patrick Burke.