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Shaq roasted by gays and homophobes for posting urinal cartoon on Facebook

Shaquille O'Neal is coming under fire from some for posting on Facebook a cartoon about etiquette in the men's bathroom. The cartoon, at right, shows a man walking into a public bathroom, ignoring a row of empty urinals, and choosing to pee next to the only other man in the bathroom.

"This is an automatic fight in my book.......LMFAO," Shaq captioned the image.

Immediately fans took two angles on the Facebook page. One group agreed with the sentiment, saying Shaq must be gay if he posted that. The other group was offended, saying Shaq must be homophobic if he posted that.

I've been to a couple of gay bars in my day. Picking a urinal that isn't next to the only other guy in the bathroom has nothing to do with being gay. This "etiquette" is observed in airports, restaurants, sports arenas, straight bars, and yes, gay bars. The post has nothing to do with being "gay," it has to do with being a jackass.

Some gay people are saying the cartoon is clearly attacking gay men, because the guy in the blue is depicted as walking with a swish. Huh? Maybe they've seen the non-existent animated version, because there's no "swish" in this cartoon.

There are lots of things in this world to get offended over. I'm not sure going after a straight ally for posting an innocuous cartoon is the best use of anyone's time.

You can read more about the "controversy" at Huffington Post and Towleroad.