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Soccer goalie Stuart Tomlinson is a very hot nude model

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It's not hard to understand why British pro soccer goalie Stuart Tomlinson has turned to fitness modeling for some extra cash (photos below). The Burton Albion player has a big, well-defined physique and the money-making six-pack. The big question in my mind: Why on earth does he go by the name of Rupert Paddington Gomez for his modeling. Sure, a lot of it is nude or erotic modeling. And apparently, he's willing to go fully nude.

According to The Sun:

He said: “The modelling’s only been a part-time thing. The shoots only last for a couple of hours and it is an easy way to make a bit of extra money."

But he admits the sideline has made him a laughing stock among his teammates.

He added: ”I get caned by the lads about it all the time - those pictures have ruined me in the dressing room.”

I think the guys at Thuzio should definitely bring Tomlinson onto their roster. There's a small fortune to be made for this guy.

Read more at Queerty and Huffington Post. Photos via Model Mayhem and

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