A lot of athletes let their bodies fall apart when they retire. With no mandated training regimen, they continue eating at the same pace without burning the calories and the pounds pile on.

Retired Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk has chosen a different path. The former 310-pound offensive lineman has dropped 75 pounds and 10 inches from his waist since retiring. Now he wants to show off his bod, entering in a vimodel contest on challenge.com. From Ravens news:

"I don't really think of myself as a model. Maybe a glove model," Birk joked.

"I never thought I would pose for a picture with my shirt off. But I wanted to show people that it can be done and that we're all in this together."

Birk infamously fought against same-sex marriage rights last year as the issue was on ballot measures in several states. Now many of the men whom he doesn't want to get married will be ogling his body. No ban on that.