The World Series starts today between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox, and if there is a patron saint of this series, it's Yogi Bear, not Yogi Berra. Facial hair will be front and center on both teams, with the Red Sox sporting the wilder beards.

"The Red Sox have the bigger, fuller — I'm not going to say outlandish — but their beards are a little gaudier than ours," St. Louis infielder Daniel Descalso told ESPN. "There are a lot of guys on our team that have been sporting beards all year, just not as scruffy as theirs."

For a lot of the Red Sox, they started growing their beards in spring training, so they have a leg up. I prefer the neater beards of the Cardinals, but to each his own.

Photos by Rick Osentoski, Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports and Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

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