Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel is getting a lot of Internet attention after this Getty Images photo from the USC game by Jonathan Daniel made the rounds:


As the Notre Dame blog One Foot Down put it: "Now, losing one's helmet in the midst of a maelstrom of angry 300-pound armored giants would cause most human beings to react with terror, dumbfounded shock, and/or loud wailing and grinding of teeth. Cam's reaction? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a man who simply doesn't give two Fig Things about USC."

I looking through Getty and USA TODAY, it looks as if Cam can't take a bad photo and seems to have a habit of losing his helmet on the field. I am not sure if he has an NFL career, but if not, Calvin Klein will be calling. More of McDaniel (click image for larger view):

Photo by Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Even with a helmet on, he manages to strike a pose:

Photo by Jonathan Daniel-Getty Images

If you have any other nominees for photogenic college football players, post them in the comments.