The UConn women's basketball team and Br{ache the Silence have teamed up to send a message of acceptance to LGBTQ athletes everywhere. The defending national champions are the first team to make a video for the campaign's Tour of Champions, which highlights the acceptance of national-championship teams in women's college sports.

"UConn's leadership and willingness to support LGBTQ inclusion as the first national champions to commit to Tour of Champions is really fitting," said Br{ache The Silence executive director Nevin Caple. "As a former college basketball player, you watch UConn perform on the court and become mesmorized by their talent and leadership – and then they step off the court and use that leadership to help support a community often silenced; today is a special day for the women's sports community."

You can learn more about Br{ache The Silence and their Tour of Champions on their Web site. You can also find them on Twitter.

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