Former NFL defensive end Dexter Manley is in hot water after calling Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman 'a queer' and then refusing to apologize. Manley made the comments to WTOP radio. He also joked about mistreating his wife and kicking his dog.

He was there talking about the Washington Redskins' loss to the Denver Broncos, in which they blew a 14-point lead in allowing 38 straight points in the game's final 25 minutes.

Host: Was it a big jinx that Troy Aikman was doing the game, the former Cowboy?

Manley: I think Troy Aikman is a queer.

Host: Uh-oh. We don't want to go there.

Manley: Okay, I'm sorry about that.

Host: Now, you want to apologize to him?

Manley: No.

Host: You don't?

Manley: I'll just say, I take that back. Since he's a Cowboy fan.

Host: Right. Well we don't want certainly anyone to think that anybody endorses anything like that, Dexter, because that is really not an area that we want to go in.

Manley: Okay, I apologize.

You can listen to the full audio here:

The station acted swiftly, saying that Manley will not be invited back on the air again. From Jim Farley, VP of news and programming at the station:

Manley played for the Washington Redskins for nine seasons and had stints with the Cardinals and Buccaneers, so he played against Aikman at least a few times.

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