Another chapter in the continuing (and entertaining) story of the perils of social media for athletes. A penis picture was posted today on the Instagram account of Houston Texans rookie wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. His girlfriend later tweeted that the account was hacked.

Instagram was hacked , this is his girlfriend he's in meetings with no phone , have some respect ppl

The photo of a guy holding his erect penis was deleted about an hour after it was posted and no one knows whose it is. If you wish to see it, Deadspin has a screenshot, but it is NSFW, so be warned. What is always interesting about these stories is that the embarrassed party always claims their account was hacked. I am not a techie, but it is that easy to take over someone else's Twitter or Instagram account?

On a side note, we like Hopkins after he discussed his lesbian sister and would welcome a gay teammate.

Update: Hopkins said it is not his penis, according to there tweets by Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle: