In 2000, the University of Hawaii dropped the "Rainbow" from their "Rainbow Warriors" sports nickname and from their uniforms, opting for the much more masculine "Warriors" and dark green. Can't you just feel the masculinity oozing from them?

Earlier this season, the school changed back to "Rainbow Warriors." This Saturday, the football team is bringing back the Rainbow Warriors uniform and the old logo in a rainbow of fruit flavors for their "retro night" against San Diego State this Saturday, Nov. 16. The uniform is created by Under Armour and is modeled after the uniforms worn by the team in the 1960s. The gloves are new, and they might be the coolest part of the whole uniform.

It's yet still another sign of progress in sports. The school dumped the rainbow years ago because it didn't want to be associated with the LGBT community. Just a dozen years later, gay is in.

Hat tip to Gordon Bellamy

2013 University of Hawaii Retro Football Uniforms (via hawaiiathletics)

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