Triathlete Chris Mosier has launched a new online resource for transgender athletes at The site is chock full of important information for trans athletes, including lists of trans policies and legal protections for trans athletes, training materials and studies, and best terminology to use when addressing trans issues in sports.

From the Web site:

TRANS*ATHLETE is a resource for students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to find information about trans* inclusion in athletics at various levels of play. This site pulls together existing information in one central location, and breaks down information into easy-to-reference areas to help you find what you need.

This area of sports is still far too misunderstood. While there are incredible stories like that of Stephen Alexander, many people try to keep trans athletes away from competing. gives trans athletes the tools and the support to assert their right to participate in sports.

Earlier this week, Mosier was awarded Compete magazine's Mark Bingham Athlete Of The Year Award at their awards reception in Los Angeles.