Today's roundup of gay sports news hits a lot of different angles.

Soccer Star Robbie Rogers — Dating the Guy Who Created 'Arrow' |
L.A. Galaxy stud Robbie Rogers — the first active openly gay male athlete in major U.S. team sports — has got himself a boyfriend … and the guy is a pretty powerful Hollywood producer.

Rogers Reflects on Season in the Spotlight as a Gay Athlete –
"Those positive emails from kids are probably the part of this that makes me most proud because I know I’m reaching people," Rogers said. "I think if I play, it helps younger athletes and younger adults to have someone to see how it works. They can see that I’m a pro athlete, and they don’t need to be afraid to go after whatever dream they have."

Jason Collins, Openly Gay and Still Unsigned, Waits and Wonders –
"Let me put it this way: if one of my bigs goes down and he’s not signed, I’m signing him," Doc Rivers said. "I’m not signing him because he’s gay. I’m not signing him because it’s a story and it brings us attention. I’m signing him because he has a value to help us win. I do have the advantage that I coached him, and I know what type of guy he is, how tough he is."

Barcelona’s gay swim team strips down for HIV | Gay Star News
To fight homophobia in sport and raise funds for a local HIV organization experiencing budget cuts, Barcelona’s Panthers don their speedos for the world to enjoy

Paralympians can protest against anti-gay stance, just don't break laws | The Australian
PARALYMPIC athletes at next March's Sochi Games are free to sign petitions or join protests against Russia's anti-gay stance, as long as they break no laws in exercising their democratic right.

Andy Cohen Had The Best Response To Sean Avery's Engagement
After learning that former NHL player Sean Avery was engaged to model Hilary Rhoda, Andy Cohen responded with a joke about their gay relationship rumor.

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