Earlier this year we brought you the story of gay college kicker Alan Gendreau from Middle Tennessee State. In addition to being able to kick 60-yard field goals, he's also got a great voice. It's fitting that he released a little video of him singing the song this week, as so many of us are headed home for Thanksgiving.

Gendreau has been living in Washington DC for the last two years and is soon headed back home to Orlando, so the song is particularly fitting. After hoping to take aim at a kicking job in the NFL (and lord knows the league needs good kickers), he is now focusing his energy on his deep passion for music. He'll be pursuing his love of music in the coming months, so stay tuned for more.

But for now, here's Gendreau's take on Bublé's hit song, 'Home.' Good looks and a great voice. Damn.

Home (Music video featuring Alan Gendreau) from Ben Carver on Vimeo.