Jack Harry, a sportscaster in Kansas City, has denied he called the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team the "Gayhawks" during a Sunday broadcast:

I listened to it numerous times and it sounds like Harry does say "Gayhawks." According to multiple reports, he is known as rooting for the University of Missouri, Kansas' big rival, and "Gayhawks" is a common slur among some fans.

The station, KSHB, said it conducted an internal investigation and believes Harry did not use a slur.

Channel 41 news director Carrie Hofmann reiterated the station's support of Harry but apologized if some viewers heard something other than "Jayhawks."

"I think he said Jayhawks," Hofmann told The Kansas City Star. "Now, I think people can hear ‘Gayhawks' as I have when you're trying to listen for ‘Gayhawks.' …

"I think it's a bit of a flub and he was getting animated, (but) I do not think he said ‘Gayhawks.'"

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. For his part, Harry said he would never use such a slur:

"I have never even thought about that word, even using that word. I haven't used that word to my friends," Harry told The Star.

"You don't want to be called a bigot," he added. "The hatred and the vitriol (on social media) – it's beyond me."

Obviously, without 100% proof, nothing will become of this. It strikes me as bizarre and juvenile, though, that any fan would use "Gayhawks" as a putdown. It's so 1990.