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Justin Tucker, the NFL's most post-modern player

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker single-handily outscoring the Detroit Lions, 18-16, Monday night, you might have heard his post-game comments where he talked about fantasy football.

"I've been getting hit up quite a bit on the Twittersphere leading up to the game for a couple days [by] people in their fantasy playoff matchups," Tucker said. "And those are very important.

"I'm glad I could come through, of course, for my reality team as well as for my fantasy owners. Thank you for picking me up, it means a lot to me. And hopefully I can continue to contribute to the successes of your respective teams."

Wrap your heads around an NFL player who, after kicking a 61-yard field goal to keep his team in playoff contention, treats his fantasy team with as much respect as his "reality" team. We have entered a new world, and that he is actively engaged with fantasy owners on Twitter just adds to it.

And did you know that Tucker sings opera ... in seven languages?

Hmmm, he's cute, smart, sings opera and is a kicker? Must be gay. Except, he just proposed to his girlfriend of five years. Of course, he posted the photos of his proposal on Instagram.