It seems that every week brings more and more pro sports athletes supporting an openly gay athlete. In just the past few days, I have seen pro football, soccer, hockey and baseball players voice their support. The NBA is the one league where very little has been said, though Kobe Bryant did admonish a Twitter follower for saying faggot.

I have long thought that the NHL would have the first openly gay player and felt this long before You Can Play. I think the culture of hockey is more international and there is less religious influence in the locker room. But now Major League Soccer is making a run and had Robbie Rogers not called it quits, he might have been the first, since the Chicago Fire — which holds his rights — said he would be welcome.

People have long thought the NFL would be the last sport to be OK with a gay player, but based on the reaction to Chris Culliver's anti-gay remarks at the Super Bowl, I'm not so sure. Judy Battista, NFL writer for the New York Times, told me last week that she thought NFL players were more than ready for a gay teammate, though the institutional structure might not be.

Take the poll below and let me know what sport is the most ready, and feel free to include a comment as to why. I have included only the major North American team sports.

If I was doing a power ranking, it would be:

1. NHL
2. MLS
3. NFL
4. MLB
5. NBA