Anyone watching the various college basketball tournaments leading up to the NCAA tournament had a strong reaction to some of the uniforms worn by teams. Ones that either hurt your eyes or you thought were cool. It's the rebirth of Zubaz, the zebra-striped pattern worn on jerseys of at least six teams.

Designed by Adidas, six teams playing the past week wore their Adizeros gear, which pays homage to the Zubaz look — Notre Dame, Louisville, Cincinnati, Baylor and Kansas. Said one of the Zubaz owners, Bob Truax to the New York Times:

"I love it. I know this is getting a lot of negative press, all these people saying, ‘Ah, these look stupid!' But from what I've heard – and this is the key – the kids like it. It's supposed to be fun."

I'm not a kid so I hate them. Look at the uniforms, take our poll and tell us what you think.

Notre Dame, left and Lousville:










Credits: (Notre Dame, Louisville and Cincinnati: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports; UCLA: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports; Baylor and Kansas: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)