The documentary film about Fallon Fox and other out LGBT athletes is now looking to raise money so they can finish the project. The film is titled Game Face and is being produced and directed by Michiel Thomas, a gay basketball player who grew up in Belgium and now lives in Los Angeles.

Thomas showed me some of the footage and it's really powerful. He's edited together a couple short packages to show potential investors, and he demonstrates some great story-telling technique. I've seen a lot of people try to make movies like this, but this is the first one I've seen since Training Rules that shows intense knowledge of the subject and powerful film-making skills.

He's currently following a closeted college athlete in one of the big-name sports and has some amazing film already shot with him. Over the next year or so, this athlete intends to come out of the closet to his friends and team, and Thomas will be there to document it all.

He has also been following Fox as she has come out publicly and now struggles to retain her right to fight MMA professionally.

For different donation levels, you receive anything from insight into deleted scenes from the film, a dinner with one of the featured athletes, or even a producer credit.

They're aiming to raise $20k in the next two months with their fundraising drive. So whether you have $10 or $10k to spare, please do consider giving to this project. Donate here.

GAME FACE: A documentary on pro and college LGBT athletes (via Michiel Thomas)

Fallon Fox documentary about the trans MMA fighter (via Outsports com)