Campus Pride, the nation’s largest LGBT college group, has re-issued its comprehensive study of LGBT athletes that shows a continued environment of homophobia and transphobia in sports. Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer pointed to the study as evidence of a failure to tackle the problems facing LGBT athletes.

“What is consistently missing from the national discussion is the LGBT voice as well as formal research about the systemic issues faced by LGBT young adult athletes today,” Windmeyer said. “In order to address homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sports, we need to take action based on research which informs us about the LGBTQ athletes experience in the locker room and on the field.”

Windmyer said recent videos of support from sports teams are good steps forward, but they are not enough to combat systemic problems.

Among the key findings of the study:

  • LGBQ student-athletes experience a more negative campus climate than their heterosexual teammates. They also have lower perceptions of respect from coaches and teammates.
  • One in four LGBQ student-athletes are pressured to be silent about their sexual identity among teammates, coaches, and other athletes.
  • LGBQ student-athletes are three times more likely to experience harassment in on-campus housing than their heterosexual teammates.
  • LGBQ student-athletes are less likely to believe that their athletic departments addresses discrimination among coaches and teammates, leading to lower levels of athletic identity.
  • Negative perceptions of campus climate and respect adversely influence LGBQ student-athletes’ athletic identities and academic success.

You can find the study here, and read more of their analysis and press release here.