Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The lovely folks at Westboro Baptist Church will protest the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four in April. Apparently the NCAA is full of gay people and child molestors. From Twitter:

The NCAA is a hot bed of God knows how many raping coaches, & a public relations outlet for fags and fag marriage.

Mmmmm – that’s enough.

They’ll also protest the Sprint Cup race in Kansas on April 21. They posted this gem of a tweet about their opposition to NASCAR, after Brad Keselowski’s interview with Queers4Gears:

The NASCAR protest is particularly interesting, since the races attract a crowd that is stereotypically considered anti-gay. But my guess is the WBC folks won’t be warmly welcomed.

Some people have asked why we write about these nasty, homophobic people. To us, highlighting this over-the-top anti-gay language and actions give people in sports the opportunity to check where they are on LGBT issues. Seeing this stuff provides a great moment for them to say, “I may not understand gay people or gay marriage, but I’m not anti-gay like that.”

It’s an important dynamic. So please bear with us.