HBO's Real Sports is no stranger to LGBT sports issues. This month, host Bryant Gumbel visits with transgender college basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig. He follows Ludwig onto the basketball court, into her home to meet her partner, and even to a reunion with her parents after years of separation. It's great stuff.

In one of the most powerful moments, Gumbel talked with Vince Hall, one of Gabrielle's pre-transition basketball friends, about the time he found out his friend Robert was Gabrielle.

If it makes you happy, then I'm good. I've had a lot of racism against me in my life. I've even had guys attack me, grown men when I was a sophomore in high school. And I don't want anybody to feel like that.

The piece airs all month. In the meantime, you can see a 90-second clip of the piece…

Gabrielle Ludwig Story: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (March 2013) (via HBOsports)

And there's a great 2-minute behind-the-scenes clip of Gabbi talking with her partner.

"Memory Lane" Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (March 2013) (via HBOsports)