MMA fighter Peggy Morgan has released an anti-transgender video in which her trainer, John Fain, makes false claims against trans fighter Fallon Fox and calls her "he." Morgan is in the semifinals of the same Championship Fighting Alliance tournament in which Fox is fighting, and for which she's waiting to be licensed in Florida.

Some of Fain's gems from the nasty, ignorant video:

Peggy is now in the semifinals of the CFA tournament, and is the favorite after being undefeated Revelina Berto.

If Peggy is the favorite to win, then why is she so scared of fighting Fox? Oh, and Morgan is 6-foot-1. That's at least a half-foot taller than Fox and five inches taller than Berto. If anything, Morgan has an unfair advantage over these other women because of her height and reach! Oh, and Berto was a whopping 3-0. Hardly Ronda Rousey.

Fallon Fox is not Rosa Parks.

She never said she was. She's just trying to live her life without cruel assholes like Fain and Morgan looking to use her as a marketing tool. Had you or anyone else heard of Peggy Morgan or John Fain before reading this post? No. And you won't after it, either.

He lied on his Florida state application to fight, and as a result assaulted an unknowing woman in the cage.

First, Fox is "she." Second, she did not lie on her application. She is female, and neither she nor anyone else is asked on the application if she is transgender, or if she has had any surgeries. As for assaulting an unknowing woman, that's the sport you're in, you jackass! It's legalized assault!

We are not afraid of Fallon Fox, but we are not going to fight him.

Yes, Fain is afraid. And so is Morgan. They're afraid because they've seen the tape and know that Fox is a good technical fighter who will likely take down Morgan and her unfair height and reach advantages.

Morgan continued her admittedly uneducated rant in another interview:

Ultimately, I do not think there is sufficient hard evidence to show that Fallon does not have physical advantages over the women she has fought.

This from a woman who is a half foot taller than all of her opponents! People talk about Fox having an advantage because of her superior height and reach (which isn't remotely true, given she's 5-foot-7 and has had a reach disadvantage in both of her pro fights). Now this taller fighter with a reach advantage is talking about Fox's advantages? I almost feel sorry for her.

And she also repeated that she's scared of losing:

Until I am presented with conclusive evidence that a fight with Fallon would, in fact, be fair, I will not be entering the cage with her.

What advantage is she talking about? If anything, Morgan has the big advantages!

It's sad that an ignorant, biased man like this, along with his scared fighter, would use this opportunity to spread their hateful, mean-spirited message.

Peggy Morgan and her coach Speak Out About Fallon Fox (via wmmamedia)