Jose Canseco is a two-time World Series champion and six-time MLB All-Star. He's played eight different MLB teams. He's been a mixed martial artist and a Celebrity Apprentice. Now he's the latest in a growing chorus of voices to support same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, shortly after the Supreme Court heard arguments on both sides of the case involving California's Proposition 8, Canseco shot off two tweets. The good news is that Canseco favors gay marriage. The bad (or bizarre) news is that he has a novel term for people who prefer the opposite sex. Take it away, Jose:

The first Tweet references the fact that the vast majority of Americans under 30 support same-sex marriage, while most Americans over 70 oppose it. However, the Justices over 70 likely support same-sex marriage by a two (Ginsberg, Breyer) to one (Scalia) margin, with Anthony Kennedy the legendary swing vote.

Canseco isn't generally considered a proverbial brain surgeon, but on this issue I'm glad he's on the side of history. Twice divorced, I figure he'll welcome anyone who can figure out marriage at this point.

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