Maybe he was jealous that Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was getting more attention than him. Maybe he was just making up for the void of wacky Rob Gronkowski news this preseason. But whatever the reason, New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko decided to tweet a picture of himself wearing nothing but a speedo and holding two chihuahuas.

NBS Sports Network tweeted that it was the "weirdest NFL offseason tweet." And it just might be. Straight masc jock bros aren't supposed to wear speedos. And if for some reason they do — cornered by their girlfriend on some Mediterranean beach in France — they certainly don't tweet evidence of it.

What's most interesting in the photo is Mesko's tan line. His regular swimsuits aren't board shorts, they're tight square cuts. And lest you think that's because he was born in Romania, he went to high school in Ohio and college at Michigan.

According to the Boston Herald, Mesko is headed the NFL's Hollywood Boot Camp later this month. There he will get a crash course in Tinseltown:

Mesko and the participants will include workshops on screen writing, directing, producing and film financing, and some of the industries top executives and filmmakers will be on hand. Participants will also shoot and edit a short film.

We can only imagine what kind of short film Mesko has in mind….