It's getting hard to keep up with all the stories mainstream media outlets are writing about gays in sports. Not all of them are worth a separate story, so here is a roundup of stories from the past few days.

The tight end tells ESPN what he told Outsports last year — he would be cool with a gay Patriot.

Three athletes who addressed a crowd at a Burnaby high school Thursday night believe the situation is for gay sports figures is much better than it was ten years ago.

SB Nation's Robert Wheel addresses how America will be tested by the first out gay NFL player.

A big week for gay rights in Washington was a big one for the entertainment world, too, and it looks like the NFL could have its first gay player come out of the closet in time for Week One of the new season. Here's a rundown of the locker rooms where the NFL's mystery man might feel welcome — and less so.

"I respect fans of any skin color and any sexual orientation. The people who are talking about dark-skinned people and gays are just not thinking."

Friend of Outsports Barwin addresses Chris Clemons saying a gay player would be a distraction.

From the Huffington Post: Sport is meant to be our national forum for tolerance and equality. Treating gay people differently implies that being gay is abnormal! Does anyone still believe that the Earth is flat?