Sports Illustrated today published a lengthy feature article on trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox, written by Loretta Hunt. In her investigation, Hunt discovered that MMA's national licensing body, the Association of Boxing Commissions, does in fact have a policy on trans fighters that the ABC adopted last year:

The guidelines set clear definitions as to what constitutes a transsexual athlete (a transgender having undergone the surgeries necessary for anatomical change), as well as minimum requirements for the hormone therapy appropriate to their assigned sex to maintain competitive equity among the athlete pool.

For instance, a female transgender athlete like Fallon would be required to produce medical documentation of the relevant surgeries and procedures she underwent during transition (it should be noted that it is not a requirement for the athlete to undergo complete gender assignment surgery), as well as detailed paperwork from a board certified endocrinologist or internist showing that she underwent hormone therapy for a minimum of two years following a gonadectomy and the levels have been within acceptable range for a female.

The problem now is getting the Florida State Boxing Commission to adopt the policy and implement whatever process needs to transpire to license Fox. That will take weeks, if not months.

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