The Westboro Baptist Church is planning a protest of an upcoming NASCAR race in response to pro-gay comments made by driver and owner Brad Keselowski. When asked last week by Queers4Gears how he would feel about a gay person on his team, his response was inclusive:

I can't speak for the fans, I can only speak for myself, but in this garage, if you can win, people will want to be a part of what you can do.

That, of course, drew the ire of the folks behind the constant "God Hates Fags" folks. First, Fred Phelps Jr honored Outsports by picking up on our story about the Queers4Gears interview with Keselowski:

Then Margie Phelps got in on the act:

Michael Myers, who runs Queers4Gears, told Outsports:

"I guess when the Westboro Baptist Church has a problem with what I've been doing at Queers4Gears then I know I've been doing something right. I think the WBC is operating under a false pretense if they think their brand of hate-faith would be accepted at a NASCAR race. It was encouraging to hear the NASCAR sactioning body agree with, and stand with Brad Keselowski's comments."

At least this will keep the group from protesting the funerals of American soldiers and gay teenagers who have committed suicide for a couple days.