A consistent, nagging complaint about Outsports from some gay men is that we post hot pictures of attractive athletes. "You're reinforcing stereotypes and setting back gay rights" is the argument, as though gays are the only men to look at hot bodies with their sports.

So it was particularly telling to see the following headline as the lead story on Sports Illustrated today:

Help Wanted: Body Paint Assistant for 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue

Yes, they're taking applications from (mostly straight male) readers to paint the naked bodies of their swimsuit models. This is part of the promotion for their section entirely devoted to the hot, nearly naked all-female swimsuit models, Swim Daily.

Some of the other headlines in the Sports Illustrated section:

Kate Upton's Cleavage Takes First Prize

Scenes From The Model Olympics

And it is wall-to-wall half-naked women often in compromising poses.

That's on top of the two to three photos of hot women in bikinis posted on their front page every day.

So please, if you're reading this and have a problem with us showing a couple male torsos over the course of a week, start by complaining to Sports Illustrated. Outsports can't hold a candle to their obsession with sexy photos.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Body Painting Tryouts (via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)