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First out athlete & “42” –
As we wait for pro athletes to come out, “42” presents a sanitized version of baseball’s racial struggle

Seeking the World’s First Openly Gay ATP Star –
The fact is that, among the ATP, there simply must be a peppering of those who favor the company of other men in private. If an ATP player—yea, even a top gun, not a Top 300 pro, with all due respect—were to have it out in the open and proceed with his career, there would certainly be unfortunate commentary (from some media types and his touring peers both) and awkwardness.

Video: Former US Navy chaplain says allowing openly gay players in the NFL is ‘demonic’ –
A former Navy chaplain who was disgraced by the military for his role in a protest in 2006, has weighed in on the argument over gay players being allowed to come out in the NFL, to say that he thinks the “Devil is afoot”.

Bay Area Sports – Gay Slur Suspensions Should Expand to NFL, NBA and College Sports
The MLS has it right – a harsh suspension such as losing three weeks of pay is what’s needed to get players to understand that you can’t let your emotions go by saying derogatory statements like this on the field. Other leagues, and the NCAA, should adopt the same policy.

Professional athletes coming out would be biggest step yet for gay rights
Everything seems to be falling in place, with professional sports being one of the last unadvanced frontiers for openly gay members of our society. History shows us that sports usually lend a helping hand to progress. One notable instance occurred in this very state and is now immortalized in Alabama and college football folklore.