EJ Johnson, son of Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson, sat down for an exclusive on-camera interview on publicist Howard Bragman’s online show, Gwissues. Johnson spoke from New York City, where he attends NYU.

He said he feels like he came out a second time, as his family and friends have known for years. An interesting piece was his thoughts on coming into his own and doing his own thing. As someone who grew up in the shadow of a successful athlete in his hometown, I understand his sentiment about breaking out on his own.

He was effusive about the support he's received from his family, including his mother and father, who have been publicly supportive of their son.

Johnson also cleared up the incorrect report that the other man in the original TMZ video was his boyfriend. They are just friends who like to hold hands.

Magic Johnson Son EJ's First Coming Out Interview–Gwissues (via GwistTV)