A Boston Native’s Hopeful Outlook for the City – Katie Couric
Steve Buckley is a well-known Boston sports figure, a columnist for the “Boston Herald” and a native Bostonian. He explains how the city of Boston will be able to move on from this senseless act of terror.

Boston Marathon Massacre, The Masters & More! | SILVERMAN: On Sports
Bruce Silverman talks to Nick Masuda from GolfWeek about the possibility of a gay player on the PGA Tour Sports: Pro sports ready for openly gay athlete
The major American pro sports leagues are getting ready for its first active, male athletes to come out. And when this happens theres going to be a lot of shouting about progress and how far we have come, but thats a little overwrought. Real progress will be when a gay professional athlete is only concerned about his performance on the field and the rest of us cheer or boo for the way he plays.

Gay athletes must fill void in men’s sports. ” Spartan Daily
The lack of gay professional athletes leaves a void in the area for role models.

Gossip site reports on NFL star “kissing his ‘male friend’” — and claims it’s fair game –
If it’s not libelous to say that someone’s gay, why bother respecting the closet? That’s Media Take Out’s argument

The Locker and the Closet –
The predicted coming-out of a gay player in one of the major sports isn’t served by invocations of Jackie Robinson.

Sports Radio Interviews » Blog Archive » Brendon Ayanbadejo Doesn’t Think his Activism Played a Role in his Release from Baltimore
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