Wednesday update: Mike Rice Fired

GLSEN's Robert McGarry, head of their sports project: "This perhaps more than other examples showed just how pervasive the culture of dis-respect in sports is and how casually common anti-LGBT language is hurled around on courts and fields and in locker rooms and arenas, including those in K-12 settings."

Original post:

The use of "faggot" by Rutgers men's basketball coach Mike Rice led to his three-game suspension in December, the school's athletic director told reporters."You're a f—ing fairy … you're a f—ing faggot," Rice is shown yelling at a player during a practice tape obtained by ESPN's "Outside the Lines."

Brendan Prunty of the Newark Star-Ledger was at the meeting today with AD Tim Pernetti and tweeted:

AD Tim Pernetti had media in office to show tapes. Answered questions after. Pernetti said Rice's use of "faggot" was at core of suspension.

The hours of tapes obtained by ESPN (watch the segment here) show a wild man — Rice pushes, kicks and shoves players, throws basketballs at their heads and groins and utters a slew of f-bombs.

Rice was suspended three games without pay in December and fined $50,000 for "inappropriate behavior and language that the school deemed a violation of athletic department policy." After the suspension, Rice underwent sensitivity training and had a monitor at practice. Pernetti reiterated to reporters that Rice would be back coaching the Scarlet Knights next season. He told ESPN that Rice was punished for a "first offense" and that anything similar would lead to "worse consequences."

"First offense?" That's Rutgers' excuse for not firing Rice? These tapes were from two years of practices. It is disturbing in watching these tapes how Rice is allowed to coach anywhere. If I had a son, Rice would be the last person I'd want coaching him. What he did is beyond the pale and for Rutgers to keep him on is a disgrace.