Eric Decker’s relationship with country star to become reality show — USA TODAY
The Broncos wide receiver (a King of the Hardwood semifinalist) and fiancee Jessie James are the latest couple to have their private life chronicled by the E! Network.

France Legalizes Gay Marriage And Sees Nude Soccer Players – ABC News
France is the 14th country to legalize gay marriage. On the cover of Tuesday's Liberation newspaper, the famed gay photographers Pierre and Gilles took over the front page and several of the inside pages, splashing them with some of their most provocative photos, including one of three soccer players — nude but for the footwear — facing the camera. Alas, I found the photos in question but they were behind a pay wall.

Brittney Griner's way of coming out is progress in the sports world – Swish Appeal
In addition to the possibility that some men in Big Four sports leagues may be coming out soon, this shows progress in the sports world.

In women's sports, maybe the closet has glass walls –
Brittney Griner, the top WNBA draft pick and ex-Baylor center, and one of the most idolized female athletes on the court today, has come out as gay—except not really. She’s been out for a while.

Brendon Ayanbadejo on equal rights in pro sports | FOX Sports on MSN
NFL must be proactive in welcoming a gay player, Brendon Ayanbadejo says. Baltimore Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo tackles issue of equal rights in pro sports.

Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo Tackles Gay Rights in Florida
Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and 2013 Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo announced at a press conference on April 23 (today) in Fort Lauderdale that he is joining forces with Equality Florida to help bring marriage equality to the state.

Football Fumbles With Gay Questions |
The NFL draft is this weekend. And while NFL scouts may be asking prospective players about their sexual orientation, that doesn't mean they're not ready for gay players.

Teammates, coaches knew of gay NFL player and didn't care –
What happened on one team last year could be an indicator that an openly gay player would indeed be accepted by his team. On one team last year players, coaches and wives of players knew one player was gay. And no one cared.