Mike Greenberg today asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell how he felt about NFL players talking about gay marriage and their support for gay teammates. Goodell's answer:

"I support them. You know, our players, and I've said to you guys how I feel about this, I respect and admire our players for what they do on the field, but also for what they do off the field. They're leaders. They're thoughtful. They want to make a difference in their communities. And they feel passionately about this subject. We at the league obviously embrace this also. We would be incredibly supportive of this, not just to the point of tolerance but to the point of acceptance. And I think you're hearing that from our players and I'm proud of them for that."

After not talking about this issue for years, it's great to see Goodell opening up about his gay brother and other pieces of this issue.

You can listen here: Mike & Mike in the Morning, April 25, 2013