Our friends at Blogs With Balls again teamed up with the NFLPA to present a panel discussion, this time at Google’s New York headquarters. Among the panelists was New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who was asked about having a gay teammate. From ESPN.com’s report:

"I could give a damn," Tuck said. "… The goal is to win football games."

He said the media attention on the issue made it a bigger deal than it would be to players in the locker room. Any player who could help the Giants win football games, gay or straight, would be a welcome presence, Tuck said.

"The reaction to a gay player will be more an issue in bars and on a fan's couch than in the locker room," Tuck said.

I love that he brought up the locker room. We're told that's the big hangup: Getting naked with a gay guy. But Tuck knows he's likely already done that and there's no issue.