Former NFL coach says gay player would have issues in "jungle" of football locker room –
Count Orlando Predators coach Doug Plank, a former NFL player and coach, as someone who isn’t buying what writer Mike Freeman is selling about how it would be no big deal if an active NFL player came out of the closet and revealed he is gay.

"Everybody tries to be politically correct … especially people who operate in business and other public occupations. But you get inside an NFL locker room, I tell you what, it's something else. It's a jungle in there. … Last time I was in an NFL locker room, changing clothes every day and getting ready to go out to practice, I just think that would be a very, very tough environment for someone to come forward and say they have different sexual orientation."

Romanian football club asked to prove it’s not homophobic with patron saying gays ‘must be kept in enclosures’ –
The European Court of Justice has criticised Romanian football club, Steaua Bucarest, over years of homophobic comments from its patron and former MEP George Becali.

First Openly Gay NFL Player Could 'Gain Millions' for Team – ABC News
The fuss over who will be the first openly gay male professional athlete, still unseen in the U.S., may take an unexpected turn this year, as a little-known standout college team kicker from Florida, who is also gay, is now eying his shot at the majors.

Will Openly Gay Athlete Have His Chance With the NFL? :: EDGE Boston
An former college football player wants a shot to try out for the NFL. What makes him unique? He’s openly gay.

Brittney Griner's clear, inspirational message – Jemele Hill, ESPN
The simplicity in Brittney Griner's announcement was striking, and telling. It said a lot about who she is, and it sent a clear, inspirational message to any person who might be considering coming out.

And from the Young Turks:

Nike Wants a Gay Athlete | The Rubin Report (via Dave Rubin)

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