Nike has signed an endorsement deal with out lesbian Brittney Griner, who was the top pick in the WNBA draft. From USA Today:

Lindsay Kagawa Colas, who represents Griner, confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that Griner signed a deal with Nike on Saturday.

"It's big-time, let's just say that," Griner said of the deal.

This is still yet further confirmation that the sports world is moving past the LGBT issue quickly. While some have said for years that a gay athlete would lose millions of dollars in endorsement deals if they came out publicly, Nike is stepping up and working with possibly the highest-profile out athlete in America.

Nike previously had a deal with Sheryl Swoopes when she came out publicly in 2006. Nike continued their relationship with Swoopes after her announcement.

Executives there have also told me for a while now that they would have no issue with signing a gay athlete, and in fact would welcome the opportunity.

This June, Nike will play host to the second LGBT Sports Summit.