Earlier this week we published the story of gay former Middle Tennessee State kicker Alan Gendreau. But we at Outsports have known about Gendreau since 2009. In those four years we watched his games and followed his stats. Like we have with so many other athletes who have confided in us over the years, we kept Gendreau's secret despite wanting so much to share with the world that a gay athlete was kicking winning field goals and playing into contention for a major national award.

Today we talk about how the story came about, from an anonymous account told by Eric Anderson in 2009, to the interview and video shoot that we shared with the world earlier this week. We also share a bit about who Gendreau is and what makes him such a perfect candidate to be the first openly gay athlete in the NFL.

Listen: Outsports podcast Apr 25, 2013 – the backstory of Alan Gendreau

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