Baltimore Ravens linebacker and special-teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo was released today by the Baltimore Ravens. The Super Bowl champions have let a bunch of players go in the last few weeks; Ayanbadejo is simply the latest in a long line.

From ProFootballTalk:

The move saves the Ravens about $800,000 under the cap and continues an offseason of change in Baltimore. Ayanbadejo didn't play a major role on defense as much of his work came on special teams, but it's another veteran that will be moving down the road shortly after the team's triumph in New Orleans.

After the announcement, Ayanbadejo took to Twitter:

Ironically, just earlier today Ayanbadejo and other LGBT sports leaders met with the NFL to discuss gay issues in the league. He has been an outspoken champion for equality for years, and he campaigned for the successful ballot measure last year in Maryland legalizing same-sex marriage.

At 36, Ayanbadejo's career is coming to a close. Whether he's played his last down in the NFL or not, we hope he finds exactly what he's looking for in the next year, whether it's suiting up on Sundays or marching on Washington.