Los Angeles Lakers great and Dodgers owner Magic Johnson sat down with TMZ for an extensive interview about the coming out of Magic’s son, EJ, this week. EJ was captured by TMZ stepping “out” in a big way on Sunset Blvd. with his reported boyfriend. Magic talks about how it came about, his love for his gay son, and how the family has handled it.

Interestingly, Magic says that it was he who initiated EJ's coming out. He and his wife, Cookie, suspected EJ was gay and finally asked him about it when he was 12 or 13. So Magic did in fact know his son was gay when he cut ads to fight against Prop 8.

He also specifically invites gay athletes to talk to him about coming out, saying he would welcome a gay player on the Los Angeles Dodgers. He said he has never talked to an athlete who was thinking about coming out of the closet.

Towleroad also has TMZ video of Magic talking about the reaction on African-American blogs.