(This story was published in 2005).

Editor’s note: Last week, the The Sofia (Bulgaria) News Agency and 7 Dni Sport reported that four soccer players have been expelled from their amateur club in Varna for having sex in the team locker room. Read here for more details.

Outsports was able to get the story on the alleged incident translated via a longtime trusted contributor who has Bulgarian friends. They read the original article and translated it into English. It’s a rough translation and we’re not sure if this was from the “National Enquirer” of Bulgaria, yet is so bizarrely entertaining that we felt compelled to share it. Alas, the original article is no longer on the 7 Dni Sport website, or else we would have asked more Bulgarians to take a crack at it.


The goalkeeper from team MAX ignited a scandal with three teammates in the locker room. He allegedly offered to solicit his coach. “It seemed to me that Stefan wanted to be intimate and establish a closeness with me, but I sleep with women,” said the coach.

More shocking details came forth: the host of the stadium sent the trainer into the room after the team lost 2-0. The four players were late in coming out and the host saw Stefan groping the testicles of the three teammates. “He was overcome with caressing them and was paying too much attention to them,” according to the report.

“Stefan was the leader of the group, and he has in his file that he was accused and found guilty of consorting with a goat at the age of 15,” said the coach.

This scandal has made its way to UEFA, but the organization has no rules that govern homosexual behavior. “It is not in our jurisdiction,” said a representative of the body. “It is a matter for the Bulgarian football association.”

“They [the four teammates] are a bunch of big homos,” said the report. “All of this stuff has been going on on the team. They have been caught doing this before, but the coaches thought that it was just drunken horseplay.”

It started at a bar called Martinitza, where the manager found the owner of the team with two transvestites and Anton, who is a homosexual gypsy singer. One of the 18 year olds on the team was copying Anton’s style, but Anton is much shorter.

Anton admitted to having a lover on the team who buys him Dolce and Gabanna perfume ($75).

The team is scandalized by this behavior. They did not believe it at first, but they remember a situation at a formal banquet at which the captain (Stefan) placed his hands on three teammates (Mischa, Sascha, and Roscovilla).

“I thought they were just drunk,” said the coach. “Yet Stefan acknowledged that he gave presents to some of his favorite teammates.” Stefan has a mobile phone shop and would often give his boyfriends gifts like jackets, phone cards, and backpacks.

“We have nothing against their friendship, but we are happy they are no longer a part of the program,” said MAX. The manager reported that Stefan had been in congress with a goat at the age of 15 and had received a citation for sodomy.

MAX lost 2-0 to Devnya and understandably the team was not in a good mood after the game was over. The team wanted to sneak out of the stadium and leave, but this group of four was taking their time in the showers. The coach sent the host of the stadium into the locker room to see what was taking to long and when he got in his jaw dropped in amazement. “It was the first time I had seen something like that live and in person, fondling the testes of the teammates,” said the host of the stadium.

“It was worthy of the hit Caligula,” continued the host. The gentleman found the strength to tell the administration upon the return to Varna (the home city of MAX) and at a special meeting the four perverts were kicked off the team.