(This story was published in 2000).

Boxer Lennox Lewis has declared that he is not gay, despite the fact that he does live with his mother and owns a pet poodle.

From Salon Magazine:

“I am definitely, definitely not gay and never have been,” Lewis tells London’s Daily Telegraph. “I love women.”

Although not, perhaps, nearly so much as he loves himself.

Sometimes, in the privacy of his own home, he tells the paper, he likes to stand naked in front of the mirror and admire his own impressive physique. “And I thank the Lord,” he says. “I thank God for what he has given me.”

See for yourself what God has given Lennox.

Complete Salon article

Boxer Oscar de La Hoya has always had tremendous crossover appeal, Latino/non-Latino, male/female and straight/gay. His looks and body have made him an icon to many gay fans.

But he tells gay Latino magazine qvmagazine.com that while he’s flattered by the attention, he’s not into beating up guys in the ring and kissing them outside.

The last part of an article in QV had this following exchange:

Q: “And lastly, your fame is based on many things-your boxing, your celebrity, your good looks, and more. This leads some of your gay fans to wonder if you are gay. Just for the record-are you? ”

A: “No, not at all. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I respect the whole world. I am not gay, but I do have a lot of gay fans-and I am grateful to all of them for the support they have always given me in my career.”