Mark Cuban — I'd Be HONORED If 1st Gay Player Was On My Team |
It's only a matter of time before an active NBA player comes out as gay … so says Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who tells TMZ he would be honored if…

Media must be delicate in handling of active NFL gay player coming out publicly – Yahoo! Sports
This is not a transaction that we, the media, are chasing. This is not the battle to be the first person to report the likely trade of Darrelle Revis or the signing of Mike Wallace. It is far bigger. We are talking about changing lives and perceptions. We're talking about dealing with fear on both sides, but mostly that of gay people who unfortunately believe they still have to hide.

Away fans warned against singing anti-gay chants at Albion match – The Argus
Rival football fans told how they were warned by their club to refrain against singing anti-gay songs at the Albion match at the weekend.

His and Hers podcast – ESPN
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss the possibility of NFL Players coming out as gay with Former Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo, the NFLPA's George Atallah and Cyd Zeigler of

Chris Kluwe: Gay players would fear coming out because it could prevent team winning | Larry Brown Sports
Chris Kluwe says gay players might fear coming out because it could prevent the team from winning.

Is the NFL the right sport for the first openly gay professional athlete? – Tony Capobianco's Column
The NFL is not the proper sport for pioneering gay players not because of locker room culture or the other obvious known reasons, but because football is too much of an organized team sport for any one player to stand out with the exceptions of a few positions.

Is The NFL Ready For Gay Players To Start Coming Out? | Live
I know that not everyone thinks like I do. But, I hope that that doesn’t stop the players from coming out. It’s 2013, and it’s time for the world to meet the first gay athlete—or, in this case, gay athletes—currently playing in a major professional sport. It’s been a long time coming.