(This story was published in 2002).

By: Jeff Carlton

Albuquerque Tribune

What follows are excerpts from July 8-12 broadcasts of “The Morning Show With Dennis Glasgow” on KNML-AM (610). The co-host is Ian Martin.

Monday, July 8

After the program went its first two hours without a phone call from a listener, Glasgow said the show’s producer is gay and asked if anyone had seen him at a local gay nightclub.

A promo ran calling the program “the home of the fart sound,” followed by several seconds of sound effects.

Glasgow and Martin discussed drinking urine and sex acts involving urination for several minutes.

Tuesday, July 9

The co-hosts discussed people urinating in their morning coffee.

A promo described Glasgow as a former porn star.

Another promo: “Don’t like `The Morning Show?’ Turn the dial and (bleeped out) yourself.” When the show returned from break, Glasgow said, “I want all of you fat, gay homos who don’t like the show to take the advice (of the promo). If you’re fat or you’re gay or both, don’t listen.”

“If you’re fat and gay, you probably can’t do that,” Martin said.

“Exactly, you homo,” Glasgow said.

“All you fat, gay people who don’t like flying Southwest Airlines or listening to the show, you’re listening to `The Sports Animal,'” Glasgow said.

“I have faith in you, Ian, except for that big, fat gay guy who can’t fly Southwest Airlines and won’t listen to the show,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow said the poll question of the day is “Will (fellow KNML personality) Bob (Clark) tell the listeners to go screw themselves, including the gay ones?”

After noting that someone had complained on the show’s Internet message board about the co-hosts’ comments: “We make fun of the heteros as much as the gay ones. We don’t discriminate on the morning show, as you are aware,” Glasgow said.

During a game of “Trivial Pursuit Tuesdays,” Glasgow requested that callers identify themselves as gay or straight. When callers didn’t, he hung up on them.

Wednesday, July 10

The co-hosts played a game called “American or Canadian.”

“I’m thinking about doing a show called `Canadian or Gay,'” Glasgow said.

Martin responded with “I don’t know if you can be Canadian and gay.”

“We should play `Fat or Gay,'” Glasgow said later.

“Ain’t nothing but gay men listening to us,” Glasgow said. “You know I don’t discriminate against gays. I want the gay men and women of Albuquerque to listen to us. I am friends with them. I do not discriminate.”

Thursday, July 11

Promo: “Welcome to `The Morning Show.’ Its favorite drink: Kahlua and cream. (In an effeminate voice) Would you like a little fruit in that, you homo?”

Friday, July 12

Glasgow made a vague reference to a complaint about the way he speaks about gays.

“By the way, cards and letters from the gay community came in supporting me,” Glasgow said.

“No, they didn’t,” Martin said. “Were they in pink envelopes?”

Glasgow on exercise guru Richard Simmons: “He might be gay.” Then in an effeminate voice: “That perm looks fabulous. It’s stupendous.”

The co-hosts play a call-in show called “Name That Tune: The Gay Õ80s.” Callers indicate their sexual orientation. When somebody correctly identified a song, Glasgow said, “We have a gay winner.”