(This story was published in 2002).

By: Chuck Martin

The recreation center in San Francisco’s Castro district will be named for September 11 hero Mark Bingham after a decision last Thursday by the San Francisco Parks & Recreation Commission. It is the first sports-related memorial to Bingham, who played on the University of California, Berkeley championship rugby team, who was an integral part of the San Francisco Fog gay rugby team, and who competed in gay basketball and flag football.

Currently known as the Eureka Valley Recreation Center, the renaming ceremony will be within the next few weeks. The center at 100 Collingwood (between 18th St. and 18th St. and just one block from Castro St.) hosts Sunday open basketball, in which Bingham played, and the Castro Basketball League as well as wrestling, volleyball, and other gay sport activities.

The center is expected to undergo extensive renovation and upgrading in the next two years.