Jason and Jarron Collins are identical twins. One is straight and one is gay. To end any confusion after Jason came out as an openly gay NBA player last month, Jarron Collins is wearing this shirt:


The shirt was presented to Jarron by Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show. "Thanks to @jimmykimmel for the tshirt parting gift …. this ought to clear things up," Jarron tweeted after the show.

Kimmel interviewed the twins and Jarron said recently that someone came up to him and asked if he was "the gay one. Jarron talked about his reaction when Jason came out as gay to him:

"He was very direct about it," He says ‘Jarron, I'm gay'. I heard it, but I didn't quite register it. And I went about asking some of the dumbest questions you can possible ask someone who just told you they're gay."