A roundup of gay sports news finds a new poll on the heels of Jason Collins coming out shows a large majority of fans are fine with an openly gay player — 87 percent-say their support would not change (77 percent) or would increase (10 percent) if their favorite athlete announced he or she is gay. Just 12 percent say they'd be less likely to support their favorite athlete after learning he or she is gay.

Openly gay athletes supported by most Americans, per poll – baltimoresun.com
New polling data shows a majority of Americans wouldn't care if their favorite athlete were gay.

American soccer star Landon Donovan says league is ready for openly gay player – now | Gay Star News
He and LA Galaxy teammates have been practicing with Robbie Rogers.

Emmitt Smith: "I Don't Know" if NFL's Ready for Openly Gay Player | Dallas Morning News
“It’s still taboo,” Smith said. “I don’t know if the NFL is ready for it or not. I mean, it’s not for me to even say. Bottom line is, you are who you are, do what you do." “The bottom line: Can you block this left tackle? Can you catch this pass? Can you make a tackle when I need you to make a tackle? That’s it.”

Jason Collins' debt to Glenn Burke – ESPN
Rick Reilly recounts the story of baseball's Glenn Burke, who painfully paved the way for Jason Collins as a gay professional athlete more than 30 years ago.

Gay rugby team makes history in Germany
The Berlin Bruisers were crushed in their first game, but Germany's first and only gay rugby team trudged off the pitch buoyant and proud.

OSU helps athletes clear hurdles of locker-room stigma – Toledo Blade
Derrick Anderson planned to reveal in college what he had kept hidden from his classmates in high school. He was gay. Was big-time college football ready for a player to come out? Anderson decided no, and after tearing up his knee late in his sophomore season, he walked away.

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